Manifesting Magic Journal Prompts

Would you love to have some fun manifesting magic in your life?

The Manifesting Magic Journal Prompts will help you create your own magic by gaining clarity on what you truly desire in your life, what to do when you get stuck in groundhog day and wish to escape the monotony.

I have been journaling for over ten years. For most of this, I was journaling on the same things. Over and over again. I had got stuck. Stuck in my patterns of thinking. Stuck looping in the same thoughts that had been created and crafted in my past. I had no idea on how I could create my destiny. I just thought I was lucky.

Manifesting Magic Journal Prompts will help YOU to:

  • shift your state from being stuck in your old patterns of thinking
  • gain clarity on who you desire to BE
  • activate to these new ways of BEing
  • help you embody these new ways of thinking and feeling.

There are 25+ journal prompts curated for you. These journal prompts will act as your framework so you can craft a life that you truly desire.