Are you ready to AWAKEN all that you dare to dream to be? Self assured, glowing with confidence and knowing exactly where she is heading? Do you feel unmotivated and uninspired with your life, even though it looks so ‘perfect’ from the outside? Do you feel disappointed with yourself for not ‘being’ who you really wanted to be?  Do you feel so alone, yet are surrounded by people who love and care for you? 

The pain you feel within is keeping you stuck. You’re frozen in self doubt, questioning every decision and wondering if you’ll be stuck forever. Inside you feel like a failure, empty and alone. Your regrets are clocking up. The personal development books haven’t solved the problem; you’re still desperately searching for answers. 

It’s exhausting. You don’t know where to turn or more importantly, who you are. 

I have been in your shoes. I know you. I see you. I feel your inner struggles. Endless searching. Thrilled to find resolutions that I could piece together. Then, I would realise that I was looping in the same patterns of inconsistency, frustration and the inability to back myself. 

I despised myself. I felt I was a failure. But, I wasn’t a failure.

And, neither are you

Hi, I’m Jo, I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, avid tea drinker, gin lover and champagne sipper. I’m also a Transformational Coach, and I help women create deep inner confidence, connection to their purpose and create a life they love.  

But, like I said, I have been where you are.

When my family and I moved to Melbourne four years ago, I hit rock bottom. On the outside, it looked like I had everything – the husband, the family, the house, the car, the career, the international move, but on the inside, I felt confused, empty and alone. I had built an identity on being endlessly available for other people. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, or how to move forward. Sat crying on the floor of my wardrobe one day, something inside me clicked, I had to do something to rebuild my life. 

I enrolled at a local coaching school, found my own coach. I started figuring out who I was, what I wanted, and how to move forward. Now, on the outside, my life still looks just as wonderful. On the inside, I feel inner peace,  trust and fulfilment. Having been on this journey, I can see so many other women are struggling, just like I was. 

This is why I have created AWAKEN. 

Awaken is your opportunity to…

  • Create unshakeable self confidence in yourself so that you feel inner calm and certainty, so that you can back yourself to handle anything, 
  • Experience deep clarity in who you are and what you want, 
  • Reclaim your zest for life – Imagine waking up every morning feeling inspired and passionate about your day ahead, 
  • Experience a supportive, loving community, who champion, care and honour you,  
  • Be supported on your own personal development journey to becoming the most fulfilled, grounded, authentic version of you.

Awaken is a membership community for women who seek to awaken their purpose, their power and their potential. I have designed this membership so that each month, you will be guided through a transformation to help you with confidence, self doubt, communication and relationships and rediscovering your zest for life.  

Each month, you’ll get the opportunity to join me on two live classes, where I’ll teach and coach the group live. You’ll get to connect with other women on the same pathway as you. Check out our upcoming monthly topics below: 




Ignite Your Confidence, Focus and Potential

Cultivating Inner Peace

Leaving People Pleasing Behind. The Code to Saying No

I’ve also created a stack of bonus material to deepen your learning and transformation..

  • Live Meditations – divine downloads and powerful transformational practices 
  • Mind Power Vibes – affirmations to assist you on your journey 
  • Manifestation Experiments – build your manifestation muscle to create your dreams
  • Journal Prompts – various journal prompts along your journey 

You will get access to all the recordings. 

If this is you, and you are ready to have unshakeable confidence, inner peace and manifest a life that you love, then come and join us in AWAKEN. Here are your options to join us:

Membership Investment

$111 each Month

( Stay as long as you like )

$1,110 each Year

( Receive a bonus private coaching session with Jo to kick start your Awakening journey )


You will find a truly supportive, championing coach who is outcome driven and there to support you all the way.  Jo will say what needs to be said in a kind and compassionate way, you will be fully seen and encouraged to bust through any limitations or roadblocks that are holding you back from what you are wanting to achieve.  Jo is invaluable in seeing the things you cannot and bringing awareness and expansion to those areas.

Andrea, Melbourne

I was having a hard time and felt lost and overwhelmed with life. I was being consumed by anger, overwhelm and also just felt lost with myself. Jo was amazing, she not only gave me tools to deal with the above issues but guided me in the right direction. She listened, gave feedback and also gave me belief in myself that I can do this, I’ve got this. Massive thanks to Jo for her love, guide and support she gave me. Would highly recommend to anyone that may need guidance in their life.

Lisa B, Melbourne

Coaching with Jo has had such a positive effect on so many aspects of my life. I highly recommend Jo to help you with whatever part of your life you need support with. Her manner is caring and calming, she really tailors the session to you individually by listening to you. Jo has given me back my confidence and strength. I feel equipped to process any emotions that arise. My advice would be trust Jo, listen to her and invest in the sessions fully, ask questions as she always helps you understand the process.

Clare, Wales, United Kingdom

Working with Jo was great! She inspired me to dream bigger than I was allowing myself to. In retrospect, I was playing small. She helped me to see where I was holding myself back through my beliefs about my earnings potential. The experience really changed how I viewed my business and brought me to a new level of confidence which has allowed my business to grow to the next level.

Jakob, Byron Bay